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For us, EKCENTRIK is about daring to embrace your own craziness.



Our goal is to make you feel confident to show off your crazy alter ego. With us, there are no rules. 

Dare to play with vivid colours. Dare to wear your pieces the way you want to. If you feel like it, put your bra on top of favourite shirt, tease with your crazy coloured briefs sticking out of your pants or simply enjoy the softest  feeling of our pieces on your skin. 

Ekcentrik is simply about defining your own sexiness and power.



Our first inspiration comes from David Bowie’s eccentricity. With his glitter rock music he wasn’t afraid to express his unconventional personality. 

The thunderbolt represents for us power and strength that fuels electricity. The electricity of neon lights of our hometown city, Warsaw and the vibrant feeling of bars. We want you to feel this electricity, baby.

A feeling as strong as electricity.

We believe in supporting local producers



We make our best to work with Polish producers and manufacturers to support local businesses and minimise CO2 emissions.  We also care to provide you the best quality of our products and therefore, our satin material is sourced in Turkey.

To provide you the best vibrant colours, we teamed up with a dyehouse in Poland to find the perfect tones. Once our lingerie is ready, we deliver it in recyclable packaging sourced in Poland.



It’s the 20’s all over again. After a World crisis, we feel that we’re entering a new era where breaking rules is allowed as fashion’s dynamic moves forward.  Just like a hundred years ago, we want to go crazy after difficult times, and we want to take you with us. 

Each mix of colours in our lingerie is given a name of a cocktail because we want to give you the same fresh, strong and exciting feeling. Ekcentrik is about bringing people together and a reminder to appreciate the things that we missed the most, such as new meet-ups and dancing.

Take a sip of fun.

A story of two sisters : Avelina and Milena.



Based in Warsaw and lived in London, Berlin and Paris we decided to create a brand powered by all those vibrant cities. We got inspired by London’s audacity, Paris’ charismatic femininity, Berlin’s craziness and Warsaw’s nostalgy and fighter spirit of women. 

We found that lingerie is often taken too seriously or considered to be only to hidden under clothes. We were thirsty for a lingerie that spreads a young and wild spirit

We want women to feel powerful, playful and confident to work all day and dance all night.


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